Telehealth therapy is available at Frenchtown Psychotherapy

Teletherapy with Dr. Charwin is private, convenient, and effective.  Teletherapy lets you talk to a licensed professional counselor online. 

How Does Teletherapy with Frenchtown Psychotherapy work?

As our new normal continues to evolve, technology has made communicating and staying in touch with friends and family easier than ever. Through FaceTime, Skype, and video conferencing, we can reach out to friends across the country or conference remotely with coworkers. This same technology and need to adapt have also influenced medicine, including therapy.

You may have heard about “teletherapy” and are wondering what exactly it means, how it works, and what it looks like, and if it is right for you. l will explain what teletherapy is, what its benefits are, and answer questions you may have about this growing practice.

What is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy applies telemedicine to the field of mental health therapy and counseling. Generally, teletherapy refers to psychiatric treatment delivered through technology like video conferencing.

Working with Dr. Charwin, teletherapy sessions work the same as traditional in-person therapy. Patients schedule individually with Dr. Charwin for a live video appointment. Patients should plan ahead and prepare just as they would for an in-person session. If it is your first appointment, be sure to have relevant records and information available, your in-take form(s), and a list of questions to address.

In addition to one-on-one therapy sessions, teletherapy can also be used to deliver other types of counseling. This includes marriage counseling and/or meetings with other family members as needed. Our sessions are conducted just as they would be if we were together in the same room.  After a short time, one forgets that this mode of delivery is any different.

Is Teletherapy as Effective as In-Person Treatment?

You might be wondering if teletherapy is as effective as regular in-person visits to your therapist. The answer is, for most patients, yes. In fact, the American Psychiatric Association states, “Telemedicine in psychology is a validated and effective practice that increases access to care.” Studies have also shown that telehealth can be more beneficial for certain patients, especially those who feel uncomfortable in a clinical or unfamiliar setting.  Not to mention the convenience of scheduling a session that does not require you to leave the house.

Teletherapy can help some patients feel more relaxed and willing to share their thoughts and feelings. Being inside the comfort of their own home can make a huge difference for certain individuals’ comfort levels. For some patients, the use of technology may seem like a hurdle. However, as technology improves and people become more familiar and comfortable with video communication, telehealth will become more prevalent and accessible.

Getting Help Through Teletherapy

In response to COVID-19, social distancing has become our new way of life. To continue providing safe, effective treatment for my clients, Frenchtown Psychotherapy is offering telehealth solutions for individual as well as marriage counseling.  This office has been providing this modality of counseling for years, and Dr. Charwin is adept at creating the same inviting and warm environment online that occurs in the office.

If you or a loved one needs therapy during this time, Dr. Charwin at Frenchtown Psychotherapy is here to help. Contact Dr. Charwin to learn more about telehealth and begin your path to emotional success today.